Bølgen (The Wave – 2015)

Bølgen (The Wave – 2015)

written by John Kåre Raake and Harald Rosenløw-Eeg

directed by Roar Uthaug

Hailing from Norway, Bølgen (English title: The Wave) is a disaster movie about a giant wave that destroys a small town when a rock slide falls into a fjord. That’s pretty much it. And while I have nothing against simple premises or the death of thousands of people for entertainment (2009’s 2012 is pretty damn funny), if you’re going for serious drama then there is something to be said about creating realistic characters, following narrative logic, and avoiding clichés… all of which are absent from this film. Then again, the scene where the tsunami hits is pretty exciting. Fast forward to that and skip the rest.

Rating: **

Carlos I. Cuevas


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  1. Might you be just a little bit harsh on this one? I agree that there are some things missing (like much characterisation) but IMO this is a great low budget film that achieves big budget results. Drop in for a read at mine.


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