Morgan (2016)

Morgan (2016)

written by Seth Owen

directed by Luke Scott

At the beginning of the sci-fi/thriller Morgan, an experimental human hybrid at a research facility violently attacks one of the scientists. The company funding the project sends Lee Weathers, a young risk-management specialist, to investigate, and pretty soon she’s revealed to be an assassin, ready to shut down the project – and kill – if the specimen becomes a threat. This cold and ruthless executioner is played by Kate Mara, who’s around 5′ 2″ and looks about 100 pounds. And just like that, barely twenty minutes into the movie, all suspension of disbelief is thrown out the window.


Morgan wastes the talents of an ensemble cast that includes Toby Jones, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michelle Yeoh, and Paul Giamatti. How all of these actors got stuck in this generic drivel is anyone’s guess, and since we know all of them can act, the brunt of the blame must lie with first-time director Luke Scott (son of Ridley). As the titular being goes amok and starts to kill all the members of the facility, Scott shows little to no understanding of character or suspense. Maybe he should’ve seen his daddy’s Alien (1979) again.

During the climax we find out that Lee is actually an earlier hybrid, hence serving as a sorta explanation for her uncommon strength (and mechanical performance?). And for a moment I thought, “Well, that’s a pretty cool twist.” Then I replayed the movie in my mind and said “Nah, fuck that.” Nothing can save this dud.


Carlos I. Cuevas

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