Robot & Frank (2012)

Robot & Frank (2012)

written by Christopher D. Ford

directed by Jake Schreier


Robot & Frank is an indie sci-fi comedy-drama that has all the markings of sentimental pap. However, writer Christopher D. Ford and director Jake Schreier stay away from the maudlin and concentrate on character. Set in the “near future,” it’s the story of a retired cat burglar (Frank Langella) whose son gives him a robot (voiced by Peter Sarsgaard) as a live-in companion. Upset at being treated like an old man, the retired thief realizes he can get back in the business by using the robot as his new partner-in-crime. It’s slightly lightweight but surprisingly tender, with plenty to say about age, memory, and the power of friendship. Give it a go, if anything for Langella’s lovely, subtle performance.

Rating: **½

Carlos I. Cuevas

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