Adele – Hometown Glory (2008)


Adele19I love this song from Adele’s debut album 19. Its simplicity is nothing short of astonishing to me. The whole structure is four piano chords and an accompanying orchestra, yet it feels much grander in scope. The lyrics are straightforward and not terribly complex, yet they’re intimate and heartfelt. You could argue Adele could’ve said more about her hometow, but in fact nothing else needs to be said.

When Adele sings Ooh the people I’ve met / Are the wonders of my world” you can’t help but think of the people who mattered to you as you were growing up. And when she swings into the Do da di di da da da da dey” refrain, I just break into goosebumps.

Click on the cover and check it out.

Carlos I. Cuevas

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